If Your Partner is Bisexual, What should you do?


We often talk about that who is gay, who come out as bisexual. What should you do if you find out your partner is bisexual someday? The social can accept gay, but cannot accept bisexual for some unknown reasons. If your partner don't tell you their sexual orientation, don't worry about it or blame them. It's because of love. They love you, so that don't want to lose you. Don't talk to me that love  (Read More)

Things Bisexual Should know


Even today, in this open-minded world, it's still a struggle to admit that you are different form others. Thus many bisexuals choose to keep silent, not wanting to be labeled as bisexual. Although it's get easier for bisexuals to make friends since the online dating site were springing up all over the world, is that really what you want? Hiding the person who you really are and always being careful, life comes to burden for you. Everyone likes to be free of who they are, rather than hiding themselves. In most cases, as many bisexuals said, only the first time is hard, and it will become easier and easier once you  (Read More)

How to Protect Yourself on Bisexual Dating Websites>


Nowadays, it gets easier for bisexuals to date someone, as there comes out more online dating site for bisexuals. At the same time, the easy access to bisexual dating site have also led to an increase in the number of dating scams. So this post is going to tell you how to protect yourself from scams. Before reading this post, we need to know many dating website is not reliable and cause their users suffer losses while using them. There is some standards to justify whether the website is safe: Does it provide service with reasonable skills and care? Does it conduct certain checks which it promised it will?  (Read More)

The key to maintain the Bisexual Couples' relationship


Husband and wife is still a husband and wife, even if they are bisexual. Here comes a problem, then it will be normal. But the biggest challenge is to try to avoid trouble, reduce them as far as possible, because the two sides will enjoy this relationship. So, yes, a couple of bisexual couples may have different problems, but they also can be solved. If you are involved in such a couple or have some relationship with them, but you failed, always don't know why, here are some things that can help you.  (Read More)

Why Many Bisexual Woamn Would Like to Date Online


Bisexual men and women make it rude. The really man who loves woman only will not fall in love with bi-women. The true woman who loves man only will be afraid of meeting bi-man. No matter what sexual one belongs to, many people don't like bisexuals. But the dating online is getting more and more popular, many people seems to change their thinking. They may choose to date bisexual online. Why? Because they understand the bisexuals are human, too. They also have their sexual urges just like gays and lesbians. What's more, here are some other reasons why women would like to date bisexual people online:  (Read More)

To all the people who have different sexual orientation


I'm a boy, a gay.I do,probably in high school when aware that I am a gay. For almost every homosexuality, there is a process to accept this matter. And for me, it's too long to remember clearly that process. On the whole there is no ups and downs, I didn't force myself to go back like girls. There is also a lot of credit must go to the "rotten girl" friend of mine. With her "help", I've read a lot of BL novels, thus in general, my identity process is fairly smooth. When I was in college,I registered on a dating site looking for some people like me.Then a lot of people talked with me, there are bisexuals, lesbians, and the most  (Read More)



I don't know who I am, but what I know is I haven't done anything wrong. Bisexuality, this orientation has existed for hundreds of years, but the word has just came out these years. To be exact, "bisexuality" should be an academic terms, but with more and more people's misunderstanding, almost every one misunderstand the meaning of bisexuality, which is not scientific. With those misunderstanding, bisexual is becoming a pejorative term step by step, finally, it becomes a label which is hard to say it out. Last century, limited by scientific improvement, bisexuality had always been a mental sickness once. But nowadays, generics, psychology and sociology have proved that bisexuality isn't mental sickness, even it would be effected by heredity and environment.  (Read More)

You Are Diffrent, But Not Alone


In the world, some pople are destined to be different, but that doesn't mean they must be alone. There's somehting about bisexuals,STDs. With the development of medical technology, two main parts of STD--- herpes and HIV becomes not a so terrible disease to overcome, even there is a possibility for herpes patients to be cured. However, that doesn't cutting down the amounts of STD patients. ON the contrary, there are more and more people get infected due to sex without security measures. And recently, the amounts of these patients is still rising.  (Read More)

How To Come Out to Your Partner


Having this genuinely necessary talk with your better half can prompt different conclusions. It is something that won't be easy for both of you. This is one such news that can either make or break your relationship, and ought to be sent with most extreme tolerance and development. When you think you've prepared well and is certain about your sexuality, then you can have a communication with your better half. Why would it be advisable for you to have this discourse?  (Read More)

How To Deal With loneliness For Bisexuals


For many bisexual people, it's hard to have a date because there are too much things you need to think about. Firstly, You should decide whether the person you want to date is bisexual people, and provided that this is true, are they single? Are they accessible. It's almost difficult to have a look at a man to check whether they're bisexual people, so you'll have to discover better approaches to date. One of the most ideal courses for bisexuals to meet others is through androgynous dating sites. An online dating site for bisexuals is a good choice for you, it can provide you as much chances as you can get. Here are Some reasons for bisexual people to register on a online dating site. (Read More)

What Is Bisexual Dating and How to Choose a Right Site


There are some people who still don’t know what bisexuals is. For these individuals, we would like to simply explain bisexuals as a group of people who attracts by both man and woman . Previously, it was considered to be a shame, most people are afraid to come out. But nowadays, with the development of society, more and more people choose to come out because few other people would judge bisexuals bad due to their different sexual orientation. What’s more, the bisexual dating site has provided bisexuals a convenient way to make friends.  (Read More)

How to Protect Bisexuals from STDs


There are some people who still don’t know what bisexuals is. For these individuals, we would like to simply explain bisexuals as a group of Sexual health is vital to the world. We should protect our common humanity and try to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. And to promote safe sex is in the interests of human beings. Most of the people no matter they are family members or acquaintances or having different color of skin are sexually active. It’s normal to find bisexual couples and bisexual people who are dating with each other in the world.  (Read More)

Rules for a Perfect Bisexual Dating


It can be a fun and exciting experience for bisexuals to date online. However, to find a partner you want is not easy. By using bisexual dating site, whether you are searching for on night sex or hope for a stable relationship with someone, it can make your dream come true. But on the other hand, there’s potential danger under bisexual dating sites. Thus to protect you from being hurt, our site would like to suggest you some rules of dating online.  (Read More)

Profile Tips on Bisexual Dating Sites


Since more and more bisexual dating sites show up during recent years, it gets easier to find your perfect partner. But that also cause some difficulties in being noticed by the person who’s really suitable for you. There are too many online dating sites, too many users on these sites, thus hardly you can be noticed by the one you’d like to date. Then what can you do? How to do? Don’t worry, here we have 3 tips for you to perfect your profile, and get more attention by others.  (Read More)

Tips For Man to Date Bisexual Woman


Do you always feel confused when dating a bisexual woman? If you are attracted to a woman who is interested in both genders, there are some useful tips by which you can know something important to date a bisexual woman.Go on to read it and absolutely you can learn a lot.  (Read More)

How do bisexual people choose between having a husband or a wife?


Since the word “bisexual” first came out to public in its modern sense in 1892, we have been talking about this topic: Does “bisexual” really exist? Till now, we can absolutely give an answer “yes”! Everyone was born with different sexual orientation, and bisexual people was born as bisexual. Bisexual is not a choice, then here comes a question to bisexual singles: What gender will you choose to marry? A husband or a wife?  (Read More)

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