How do bisexual people choose between having a husband or a wife?

Since the word "bisexual" first came out to public in its modern sense in 1892, we have been talking about this topic: Does "bisexual" really exist? Till now, we can absolutely give an answer "yes"! Everyone was born with different sexual orientation, and bisexual people was born as bisexual. Bisexual is not a choice, then here comes a question to bisexual singles: What gender will you choose to marry? A husband or a wife?

However, when the time this question come out to your mind, it means that you don't actually understand what bisexual is, what bisexual love is.

In general, the most commonly definition of bisexual is sexual orientation where the person is sexually attracted to both people of the same gender as them and people who're not the same gender as them. This definition may cause misunderstands of bisexual people. Some heterosexuals consider bisexual people as a synonym of greed. Even in LGBT group, bisexual have not been treated equally as gay, lesbian, or transgender.

It seems that all of the people except bisexual people themselves don't have a clear understand of bisexual. But what's the truth? I can't be sure that every bisexual people are not greedy, but I 'm quite sure that most of the bisexual people are not greedy.

As what we just said, bisexual is not a choice and one's sexual orientation can not be determined by one's mind.

Let's come back to this question.

It seems that the existence of it is a fault.

The point of this question is what gender bisexual people should choose to live with, to keep a long-term relationship, to make a promise. However, don't you think bisexual love is the same as lesbian love, gay love, or heterosexual love? Love is love, there's no difference among love. The only thing which is not totally the same is whom you choose to love, a woman or a man. Lesbian choose a woman to live together, gay choose a man, and how about bisexual? The person bisexual people choose to live together could be a man, and also could be a woman. But, the person they choose is absolutely whom they love by heart! That's why I said there's no difference among them. In essence, we all tend to choose to marry a person we truly love, but not consider too much about their gender.

For most bisexual people, they won't keep a relationship with both a man and a woman in a same period despite they really find two person they love at the same time. But you know, the possibility is so small. However, granted that you've found both a man and a woman you love at a same time, there must some difference between the two person. You might love the man more, or the woman more. Thus, it comes an answer to this question. It doesn't matter for bisexual people to choose a husband or a wife, what matters the most is to choose the person whom they love.

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