If your partner is bisexual, what should you do?

Sometimes, we will guess someone may be gay. Or someone must be bisexual. What should you do when you find your partner is bisexual one day? The society allows the gay to exist. But we don't know why it can't accept bisexual. You'd better not be angry with your friends if they didn't tell you the truth. You'd better also not worry about the truth because he loves you and he doesn't want to lose you. Maybe you would say love should be transparent, you have the privilege to know everything. But I think bisexual is most likely in the precondition for love. On the contrary, they keep their secret and didn't tell anyone because they think love is immaculate.

Therefore, can you know what' their thought now? If you also have some questions about bisexual, let's continue to talk about it. First, we should know bisexual can love a girl or a boy. But it's not the most important thing. They can love both sex so they have more chances. You have many chances. You can choose all kinds of people, no matter he or she is rich, beautiful, tall, short or fat. As for bisexual, they may love someone who is the same sex as him, sometimes love the opposite sex. They also can choose to love both sex. There are many bisexual having a family with 3menbers. The decision is hardly to be changed if you have made it. If you choose you marry a rich man, do you want to marry a poor man? Sometimes, we can hear some people talk about their lover. They think their lover can easily change her mind to love others. They think they must be bisexual. However, it is not the fact, it has nothing related to bisexual, it means they don't like you. No matter your lover is bisexual, gay, or straight, please let it go if they change their mind easily. It's no use to keep them, because there is no love between you, they will go sooner or later.

When you fall in love with one, you should face all the difficulties together. Your partner must love you deep if he tells you the fact he is bisexual. The reason is mentioned above, your partner needn't to tell you his secret. However, he tells you everything. So believe him instead of hurting him. You'd better support him like before. Because everything is the same as before, the word "bisexual" only exists in your mind.

We don't have the ability to promise the peace of the world, but we can promise our love. We can't promise our love, but we have the ability to make choice.

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