I don't know who I am, but what I know is I haven't done anything wrong.

Bisexuality, this orientation has existed for hundreds of years, but the word has just came out these years.

To be exact, "bisexuality" should be an academic terms, but with more and more people's misunderstanding, almost every one misunderstand the meaning of bisexuality, which is not scientific. With those misunderstanding, bisexual is becoming a pejorative term step by step, finally, it becomes a label which is hard to say it out.

Last century, limited by scientific improvement, bisexuality had always been a mental sickness once. But nowadays, generics, psychology and sociology have proved that bisexuality isn't mental sickness, even it would be effected by heredity and environment. In other world, apples in north are red, but apples in south are green, should we say all these apple are bad? The answer is absolutely no. However, even the science today has already improved that bisexuality is effected by heredity and environment, there is still not a way to test whether a human is bisexual or not.

Now bisexuality isn't a kind of mental sickness, then should it be treated? It's absolutely not. And with the prerequisite that we could judge whether a person is bisexual or not, for his or her orientation, it doesn't need treatment. Because bisexuality doesn't mean mental sickness.

People who learn psychology should know every one of us would have some psychology problems more or less in fact. With all kinds of reasons from social pressure and environmental pollution, almost everyone is in a Sub health State, and would get into an unhealthy state with some stimulation from normal life. From this aspect, bisexual people surely need psychology consult, everyone have the need to maintain mental health.

Since bisexuality isn't a kind of mental or psychology problem, then what psychology problem do bisexual people have? The reason is the label "bisexual" from the society, which brings bisexual people special psychology problem.

So if you are bisexual and if you are effected by some problems which bring you many troubles, you should find a psychologist to solve them. But if you don't want to find psychologist, you may join our bisexual family – bisexual free dating, a family built for all bisexual friends from all over the world, where you could get full support from our bisexual family. Join us and enjoy your bisexuality.

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