To all the people who have different sexual orientation

I'm a boy, a gay.

I do, probably in high school when aware that I am a gay. For almost every homosexuality, there is a process to accept this matter. And for me, it's too long to remember clearly that process.

On the whole there is no ups and downs, I didn't force myself to go back like girls. There is also a lot of credit must go to the "rotten girl" friend of mine. With her "help", I've read a lot of BL novels, thus in general, my identity process is fairly smooth.

When I was in college,I registered on a dating site looking for some people like me.Then a lot of people talked with me, there are bisexuals, lesbians, and the most of them are gays. After communicating with these people, I found that many of them were struggling on the edge of pain.

Obviously like the same sex, but there is no way to convince themselves to accept. Lie to their own, I just have a good impression on this same-sex friends, I still like the opposite sex, forcing themselves to like girls.

Physically LGBTer, but can not admit that psychologically. In fact, this is quite terrible, quite sad.

You can not tell anyone, but you must tell yourself plainly, I'm Gay.

To some extent, I actually understand them, because I know the road for LGBTer is really much more difficult than non-LGBTer. Absolutely there's more judgements and prejudices on them.

When I was in the third year of my high school,I poured myself out to a straight male of the opposite class. He probably told the whole of his classmates, what makes so many people point at my back. Their approach is still relatively mild, but I do not care about them.

The result is: It has no effect with my life.

You can see.
Even if you are a "normal" heterosexual, can't you really be judged by others?

You are a bald head, or a silver hair.
You wear a short sleeve in the winter snow.
Your girlfriend is six years older than you.
How many judgements will you get?

I like to wear pink, but others say boys wear pink too sad.
I changed to wear black, and some people say that young people wear black too dead.
But there are always people who like me to wear pink, and some people like me wearing black.

I obviously like boys, but forced myself to like girls, then how can I meet my love?

Now I've already come out to my family, my friends, the people who really care about me.
I feel proud, and hope that I can calmly do myself in my last life.

I hope you can, too.

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